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Here’s Why Cremation Continues to Rise in Popularity

More Americans than ever before are choosing to be cremated these days. The cremation rate has crept up over 50 percent in recent years, and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. So why is cremation turning into such an attractive option for so many people? Check out a few reasons for it below.

Cremations cost less than traditional burials.

The costs associated with traditional burials have skyrocketed in recent years. You can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for all of the services tied to a burial. A cremation, meanwhile, will cost just a fraction of that, and in some cases, you can even have cremation done for just $1,000. As a result, there are many people flocking towards cremation to save money.

Cremations provide a much quicker process than burials.

The traditional burial process can take several days to play out. First, a viewing takes place. Then, the actual funeral is held. Finally, a person’s body is placed into the ground during the burial. It can be taxing on some families. But with cremation, the process takes place quickly and requires a whole lot less planning. It leaves families more time to focus on mourning.

Cremation offers more flexibility for families.

Traditional burials can make it difficult for all the members of a family to make it to a funeral. Often times, those who live out of town are unable to fly in on a whim for a funeral service. But with cremation, you can hold a memorial service whenever you want. It provides families with a lot more flexibility as far as planning out a proper service that everyone can attend.

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