The Different Modes of Funeral Transportation

Funerals involve a lot of people, including friends and family of the person who died. Everybody needs to get places– from home to the funeral to the cemetery and then some… What are some funeral transportation options?
Funeral Transportation Options
Typically, when there’s a funeral, there’s usually a burial or cremation afterward. The traditional custom is for the family of the deceased person to be brought to the cemetery/burial site from the funeral site. Normally, they’ll ride in a limousine or sedan– a car big enough to seat many people together at once. Usually, it’s the closest family members (such as spouses, children and parents) who’ll ride in the limo/sedan together. These vehicles can hold up to 8 people.

What about the dead body? That body is transported in a hearse, which is a specially-designed vehicle that’s made to accommodate burial caskets. Most hearses look like fancy station wagons. In the front there are two seats– one for the driver and one for a passenger. In the back, there’s room for a long and/or wide casket.

During funeral processions, there’s almost always a “lead car.” It’s driven by a member of the funeral home’s staff in order to properly lead the procession of vehicles to the cemetery. This vehicle knows the way– oftentimes better than grieving family members and friends of the deceased. There may also be “escorts,” which can include police officers on motorcycles or in cars. They’re arranged by the funeral director.

Did you know most funeral homes usually have their own limos and hearses available for rent? Whomever is paying for the funeral should consider that the use of a limo/sedan, hearse and lead car costs between $300 and $1,000 to give you a ballpark figure. Costs vary based on how many hours everything takes, as well as how near or far the vehicles have to go.

People who are grieving the loss of a loved one oftentimes aren’t thinking straight– they benefit from the help of funeral directors, staffers and transportation drivers who’ll get them where they need to go on a fairly sad day.

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