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In order to do their jobs, funeral home directors need mortuary supplies, including but not limited to chemicals, products for incisions and postures, masks, gloves, jackets and other safety items. Our team can provide you with all you need to keep your mortuary room properly stocked.

Search a variety of funeral home, mortuary supplies and prep room supplies from National Funeral Supplies. We stock the most widely-used and functional mortuary supplies from top manufacturers to make each preparation safe and complete.

Restoring the deceased for funeral services is a delicate process, essential to each ceremony. Mourners and family members use final viewing as a way to accept their loved one’s passing, and this final image is an important part of last rites. We carry the crucial chemicals and products to restore skin, cover marks, and repair damages to create a reverent wake and interment ceremony. Mortuary supplies also include products to cover incisions and form expressions and postures. Proper embalmment involves a number of potentially hazardous chemicals and masks, gloves, coveralls, jackets and other protective clothing is available for morticians, forensic specialists and other professionals.

Buy your funeral home and mortuary supplies conveniently online and ship easily to any U.S. location. Give us a call today to find out more, or have any questions answered by our staff.

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